Good Design Drives Business

Good Design Drives Business

Join top design instructors Bonnie Siegler, Sean Adams, Justin Ahrens, and Amy Balliett as they tackle the reasons why really good design is a critical component to the success of a business. From high-level discussions on design as communication and knowing your brand equity, to on-the-ground topics such as collaboration and realistic budgeting, this course provides hard-earned wisdom from a dream team of mentors.

Topics include:

  • Typefaces and resumes
  • Design thinking for business planning
  • Working with a design team
  • Designing your culture
  • Hiring freelance vs. agency vs. in-house talent
  • Timing visual content


  • 英文名称:Good Design Drives Business
  • 时长:37分44秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Design is universal
  2. Design is communication—not style
  3. Typefaces and your resume
  4. Design thinking for business planning
  5. Need a new logo? Maybe not
  6. Do you know your brand equity?
  7. Finding solutions to problems through design thinking
  8. Focus groups are terrible
  9. What to say (or not say) to your design team
  10. A good design brief
  11. Design is process
  12. Design as a business approach
  13. Designing your culture
  14. Why quality design is far more important than quantity
  15. Realistic budgeting for visual content
  16. The ROI of visual content for business
  17. Freelance vs. agency vs. in-house
  18. Business goals should drive visual content
  19. Negotiating the cost of your visual content
  20. Realistic timing of visual content development
  21. Working with an agency for visual design