Designing a Brochure

Designing a Brochure

Brochures are essential marketing tools, which establish brands and help them cut through the clutter from the competition. Here designer and educator Nigel French taps into his 20+ years of professional experience and shows how to use Adobe InDesign (with some help from Illustrator and Photoshop) to create a brochure. Throughout the course, Nigel puts each concept into context as he steps through the creation of a travel brochure. He explains how to prepare photos, create maps, place and fine-tune text, and even create a 3D mockup of the project that will fit nicely in your portfolio. Upon wrapping up this course, you'll be ready to produce a stylish brochure of your own.


  • 英文名称:Designing a Brochure
  • 时长:1小时48分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. Who is this course for?
  3. Deconstructing the finished brochure
  4. Planning the brochure
  5. Calculating the size of the panels
  6. Setting up the brochure document
  7. An alternative approach to setting up the document
  8. Placing the text
  9. Choosing the fonts
  10. Applying the basic text formats
  11. Text cleanup
  12. Additional text formats
  13. Choosing the images
  14. Exporting the images
  15. Placing the images
  16. Designing the cover panel
  17. Creating the maps
  18. Adding a background color
  19. Creating the captions, part 1
  20. Creating the captions, part 2
  21. Finessing the text
  22. Send for review
  23. Preflight the document
  24. Make a print-ready PDF
  25. Make a 3D mockup
  26. Goodbye