HTML and CSS: Linking

HTML and CSS: Linking

Hyperlinks are the foundation of the World Wide Web, but they come in many different flavors. Do you want to link to a specific point in a document? Make a phone call, or send an email? Link from images or dedicated navigation bars instead of text? In this course, instructor Jen Kramer gives you all the tools you need to make those tasks easy. Jen goes over basic links, linking to different files and resources, and linking from images, headers, text, and more. She shows you how you can style links and individual link states using CSS selectors, then goes into how you can make exceptions and create different styles. Jen covers the steps you should take to maintain links and redirect them when necessary.


  • 英文名称:HTML and CSS: Linking
  • 时长:1小时44分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Hyperlinks: The glue connecting the World Wide Web
  2. The basic link
  3. Linking to offsite resources
  4. Opening links in different windows and iframes
  5. Linking to PDF files and other documents
  6. Linking within the same document and top of page
  7. Linking phone numbers
  8. Linking to email addresses and email messages
  9. Using images as links
  10. Including several links within an image using image maps
  11. Links in the of the document
  12. Styling links and link states
  13. Making exceptions to link styling
  14. Styling a text link to look like a button
  15. Understanding proper navigation markup
  16. Creating a simple vertical navigation bar
  17. Creating a simple horizontal navigation bar
  18. Checking sites for link rot and broken links
  19. Redirecting links within a webpage
  20. Redirecting links on the server
  21. Content delivery networks
  22. Controlling which links search engines follow
  23. Next steps