• 英文名称:Additive Manufacturing: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
  • 时长:2小时45分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Repeatability in 3D printing
  2. Welcome to Additive Manufacturing: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
  3. Choosing a material for a surface quality
  4. Tips for print surface quality
  5. The five-minute guide to printing with resin
  6. Clearing a nozzle clog without disassembly
  7. Filament jams
  8. Tips for large filament prints
  9. Filament 3D printing in the automotive aftermarket
  10. Metal 3D prints without sintering
  11. Checking printer platform calibration
  12. Distributed manufacturing in emergencies: Lessons learned
  13. Additive manufacturing surge capability
  14. Abrasive filaments and your nozzle
  15. Retrofitting wireless capability on a 3D printer
  16. Tips for creating transparent prints with filament
  17. Ordering operations within a layer
  18. Nozzle replacement issues
  19. Thicker layers
  20. Sanding 3D prints
  21. Printing food
  22. Recycled filament
  23. Painting and dying 3D prints
  24. Infill strategies
  25. Creating detailed features
  26. Print bed surface options
  27. Choosing and applying tape
  28. Advanced Cartesian printer calibration
  29. Advanced extruder calibration
  30. Architectural 3D printing applications
  31. Printing at different scales
  32. Printer speeds
  33. Belt 3D printers
  34. Bridging and overhangs
  35. Design for injection molding vs. 3D printing
  36. Printing with flexible filament
  37. Nanoprinting
  38. Emerging software standards: 3MF
  39. Modeling stresses and printing with filament