Data Visualization: A Lesson and Listen Series

Data Visualization: A Lesson and Listen Series

Follow along with expert Bill Shander in this series exploring key themes in data visualization, data storytelling, and information design. Each episode is broken into two segments: a short lesson and a listening session where Bill interviews data storytelling and visualization experts about the episode theme. These conversations reveal the creative process, explore techniques and technologies used by working professionals, and illuminate some of the common challenges they face. This series is perfect for anyone interested in how information is presented to the mass market, including professionals in all levels of analytics, data science, and communications.

Note: Because this is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.


  • 英文名称:Data Visualization: A Lesson and Listen Series
  • 时长:8小时35分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Lesson: Complex visualizations
  2. Listen with Jason Forrest
  3. Introduction
  4. Lesson: Creative and unique visualizations
  5. Listen: Nadieh Bremer
  6. Lesson: Truth in data storytelling and visualization
  7. Listen: Alberto Cairo
  8. Lesson: Visualization in the real world
  9. Listen: Michelle Rial
  10. Lesson: Data storytelling for regular folks
  11. Listen: Neil Halloran
  12. Lesson: Historical visualizations
  13. Listen: Sandra Rendgen
  14. Lesson: Visualizing large data sets
  15. Listen: Elijah Meeks
  16. Lesson: Unicorns
  17. Listen: Shirley Wu
  18. Lesson: Text analysis and visualization
  19. Listen: Richard Brath
  20. Lesson: Maps
  21. Listen: Kenneth Field
  22. Lesson: Visualization for a cause
  23. Listen: Olga Tsubiks
  24. Lesson: It's all in the details
  25. Listen: Andy Kirk
  26. Lesson: Becoming an information designer
  27. Listen: Federica Fragapane
  28. Lesson: Data Literacy
  29. Listen: Ben Jones
  30. Lesson: Daily practice
  31. Listen: Amy Cesal
  32. Lesson: Data visualizaion at scale in industry
  33. Listen: Diana Yoo
  34. Lesson: Concept visualization
  35. Listen: Francis Gagnon on concept visualization
  36. Lesson: Data Visualization Research
  37. Listen: Petra Isenberg
  38. Lesson: Color
  39. Listen with Rob Simmon
  40. Lesson: Best practices in Excel
  41. Listen with Stephanie Evergreen