Design Thinking at Work (getAbstract Summary)

Design Thinking at Work (getAbstract Summary)

Design thinking is a great way for executives to encourage more creativity and innovation in their teams. So why aren’t more companies practicing it? David Dunne, a foremost expert in the field, explains the advantages of design thinking: advance warning of future disruption, a stream of incremental improvements to existing products, and even game-changing innovation. But, he warns, design thinking works only if you understand it well and apply it with patience. This audio-only summary from getAbstract summarizes the findings from his powerful book, Design Thinking at Work. Learn about the common mistakes leaders make and the ongoing difficulty of making true design thinking succeed and endure in organizations.

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  • 英文名称:Design Thinking at Work (getAbstract Summary)
  • 时长:13分45秒
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Case studies in design thinking: Swiffer and the umbrella
  2. Why light-weight versions of design thinking fail
  3. The three tensions in design thinking implementation
  4. Design thinking at work: Best practices