Running a Design Business: Selling Design to Clients

Many designers have experienced the frustration of having devised a singular, elegant solution, only to have it rejected by a client. While solid design skills are key to successfully selling your work, understanding how to collaborate with clients can be just as critical. In this course, learn how to win design projects, convince your clients to go with the best solutions, and cultivate lasting working relationships.

Instructor Sean Adams shows how to begin a working relationship with a potential client, explaining how to sell yourself, present previous projects, and set appropriate expectations. He also provides tips for communicating during the design phase, crafting and delivering an impactful presentation, and dealing with a variety of common conflicts. In addition, he discusses how to maintain lasting relationships with clients, create more work, and determine when it's time to part ways with a client.

Topics include:

  • First contact
  • Setting expectations
  • Beginning the work
  • Developing criteria for approval
  • Communication during the design phase
  • Crafting and delivering a presentation
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Clients who want to play designer
  • When a client plays mix and match with a solution
  • Choosing your battles
  • Maintaining a relationship over time
  • Determining when to end a client relationship


  • 英文名称:Running a Design Business: Selling Design to Clients
  • 时长:1小时29分
  • 字幕:英语


  1. Welcome
  2. First contact: Selling yourself
  3. Presenting previous projects
  4. Delivering the contract
  5. Setting expectations
  6. Common errors: Getting the project
  7. What to ask
  8. Developing criteria for approval
  9. Communication during the design phase
  10. Common issues: Time and money
  11. Common errors: Beginning the work
  12. Communication: Design-speak vs. Client-speak
  13. Crafting the presentation
  14. Delivering the presentation
  15. Managing the meeting
  16. Common errors: Presenting to the client
  17. Clients who want to play designer
  18. When a client plays mix and match with a solution
  19. Color problems
  20. Choosing your battles
  21. Time and money
  22. Common errors: Dealing with conflict
  23. How to maintain a relationship over time
  24. When and how to fire a client
  25. Next steps